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Best Social Media Apps To Elevate Your Content & Grow On Social Media

The other day was my blogaversary (8 years old!) so I went on IG stories to talk about my journey a bit and answer some questions about social media apps, blogging, content creation, growing a following, and finding your tribe which you can watch in my Blog Tips highlight here. In this blog post, I will elaborate some more on the best social media apps (or the apps I use) to elevate your content and grow on social media.

5 Easy Tips For Creating Video Content for Your Blog or Social Media

Video content can be difficult to navigate especially when you’re just starting. You don’t need a fancy camera set up or editing system. All you need is your phone. You don’t need 10,000 followers on Instagram, you literally can start at 0 when creating videos. I’m sharing 5 easy methods I use ALL THE TIME to incorporate video content into my blog posts and social media.

Content Creation: Why It’s Actual Work and Worth It Even When No One Gets It

You know those comments you get after you post a photo that are kind of compliments but not really. The shady ones you either clap back at or grit your teeth and shade them back with the heartiest of thank yous. Yes those. The people that don’t get or understand the purpose behind content creation and why its’ actual work and actually worth it and not just “stuntin for the gram”.